Swimmer on a Mission: Days 35–37

I RAN A 5K today! I had a bad week the past week or so… so today I decided to make it worse. 😀 Friday was the 12th, which marks the 2 monthiversary since I started working out again—evidence suggests that means I’m working out more than half of the days!

Friday, day 35:
Swimming. Mixed it up a touch.
2-1 × 3; free/back, IM, free/fly
4 × 100 descend
100 easy
600 pull: 150 fly, 50 breast, 150 back, 250 free
Some other stuff…

Total: 2100 give or take

Saturday, day 36:
Bodypump. Went light on the weights because…

Sunday, day 37:
5K! Splits below, to the 1, 2, and 3.1 mile:
17:45 (9:36)
28:47 (11:02)

Assuming the last leg was run evenly, per mile split on that leg was 10:02.

I can’t find evidence of my time from last year, but it was also a sub-30. I’ll take sub-30 for now. 🙂

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