Swimmer on a Mission: Days 22–25

No workout on Tuesday. Gave blood in the morning. Also no workout on Friday; got blood drawn for bloodwork.

Day 22 (Monday):
2 × 400 IM
2 × (400 IM kick, 400 IM pull)
4 × 50 fast @ 1:45
200 easy

Total: 2800.

Day 23 (Wednesday):
2 × 2-1-2 free/back, IM
4 × 200 kick, one of each stroke.
4 × 50 strongish @ 1:00
200 easy

Total: 2200.

Day 24 (Thursday):
Some workout, lost to my memory. Been doing a lot of kick, so I think there was kick that day.

Total was in the 2.5k+ range.

Day 25 (Saturday): 8 miles, mostly flat hiking, starting at Red Run Trail in Owings Mills and continuing into Soldier’s Delight. This is a potential trail for trail running.

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