Swimmer on a Mission: Days 1 and 2

Date: Weekend of the 12th and 13th.

So, this is a series about how I’m getting back into shape. It’s predominantly going to be swimming related, though travel and pool-out-of-service is likely to mean that I’ll need to perform other acts of exercise. (This particular post needs to be backdated a couple weeks….) Without further ado:

Day 1:
2s-1k-2p 100s free/back @ 2.00/100
2-1-2 100s IM @ 2.30/100
4-2-4 50s free/back @ 1.30/50

Total: 1500. Pretty sure it’s yards.

Real total: Ow.

Suggestions for days 2 and 3 appreciated! 4-6 will be dry and limited–probable running (out of town). Suggestions for this also requested!

Day 2:
2s-1k-2p fr/ba @ 2m/100
500 IM kdsdp @ who knows
10 x 50s varied (no br) @ 1.30.

Fly felt really good today.

Advice for day 3-6? I’m on the dreaded travel!

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