The small guy

14 January 2009

I’m one of those people who silently watches Wikipedia and thinks, will there come an opportunity for the guy, as with the beginnings of Wikipedia, who could pass through the requests for adminship process with only the barest of “counts”: 1k edits and a head on his shoulders? I think of myself as such a person (always have!), and wonder if this is worth broaching there. I watch the conversation on the talk page, which has consistently said for the past few months that “we should relax our standards”, or that “we should push to change the community”, and I still silently wonder if it will take someone who is bold enough to risk being snowed oppose, or not nowed in order to see what the real participants think.



13 January 2009

It seems my roommate is leaving me, and I’m not real sure if that’s a good thing. He takes the AC with him, but I would need to have gotten one later anyway. That makes me wonder if my price for the room will go up, or if someone else will end up stuck with me for second semester. I really hope the price doesn’t go up, else I’ll have to find someone who can bear me waking up at the infernal time of 6:20 every day…